Carina Petrosian

Member of the Ordre des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes du Quebec (OOAQ),
Master’s degree from the St-Petersburg University and the University of Montreal.
Extensive practice in Russia, Armenia, Denmark, Belgium and Canada.

Speech disorders prevent your child from active communication, undermine their confidence, and in extreme cases lead to delays in psychoemotional development. Many speech disorders may be prevented, reversed or reduced as early as at preschool age if you consult a speech-language pathologist in time. The sooner parents seek professional advice for their child, the more efficient treatment can be, and the better the prognosis.

Pediatric speech and language therapy is the therapist’s and the parents’ collaborative effort.

The parents’ commitment to help their child, patience and perseverance, can dramatically increase the efficiency of corrective therapy.

Are you concerned about your child’s speech performance?

Is your 2- or 3-year-old unable to speak? Is your 4-year-old difficult to understand? Is your 5-year-old still mispronouncing certain sounds, replacing or skipping them entirely?

I will help you recognize the signs of speech problems so that together, we can address them early before they become serious issues.
  • Upon completion of speech therapy services, a receipt is issued to be included in medical expenses on your tax return or to be submitted to your insurance company.
  • Every therapy session involves various game techniques.
  • Registration can be completed by e-mail or by phone. Simply leave your message, including your name and phone number, and I will reply to you as soon as possible. To get an idea of prices of speech therapy services, visit the page “Links”.
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Carina Petrosian is a very competent specialist, very professional and an expert in her field. At the very first meeting with our son, she established an excellent rapport with him, and now we are more than two years into the therapy. The therapy sessions are well-structured, versatile and interesting. Our child is happy to see Carina. Carina is punctual, very friendly and tactful. She does not just help our child to speak Russian and French correctly, she contributes to his all-round development. As a result of Carina and her skilled guidance in the school program, our child already attends the 3rd grade of a regular school and shows excellent results. Dear Carina, thank you very much for everything.

- Sincerely, Katerina

Carina Petrosian helped my son overcome his speech language problems when he was 4 years old. She is a true professional who cares a great deal for her little patients. She takes time to explain the exercises to do at home and she informs parents about the progress of her work with kids. We were very fortunate to have her as our speech language pathologist and we would not want to change to any other specialist. I highly recommend Carina and her services.

- Kristina

We started seeing Carina when our son was 26 months old. Though our little boy was not especially open to contacts with strangers, Carina won him over as soon as the second meeting. She was very considerate to our son’s needs and adjusted every session in order to keep him interested as long as possible. Every session was planned and prepared in advance. Carina taught us some very simple but very important exercises. She explained to us the purpose and meaning of every session and exercise. The visual material she uses is always very interesting, colorful and very educational. Carina taught us to play and speak with our child correctly. At the age of 26 months, our little boy’s developmental results were at the level of 18 months, but after six months of therapy and coordinated efforts, he virtually bridged that gap. As a whole, we had 18 months of therapy and are completely happy with the results! We recommend Carina as an excellent specialist and encourage other parents not to give up, and believe in their children!

- Eric’s parents

We started our therapy with Carina in early 2015, upon a recommendation by our pediatrician. My daughter was almost 4 at that time. Her speech was difficult to understand as she replaced some sounds with different ones and tried to speak fast. She was very angry and even cried when people failed to understand her and asked again. Then we decided to seek professional advice. Carina conducted some tests in order to determine the specific speech problems and to develop a detailed plan with particular objectives. An experienced professional in the field of pediatric speech therapy, Carina knows how to reach out to every child. My daughter likes seeing Carina very much because her sessions are based on games, are cheerful and dynamic. We have our “home assignments” but they are easy and pleasant to do because everything is game-based: therapeutic books designed to practice certain sounds, riddles, logic games, games to develop oral motor skills, articulation gymnastics, etc. The progress in my child’s language performance as a result of the therapy is just outstanding! Now my daughter speaks very well, uses complex phrases, loves to invent her own stories. Without a slightest doubt and with great pleasure I recommend Carina as a skilled speech-language pathologist who really loves her job and knows how to help your child to speak correctly and beautifully.

- Leyla

We sought Carina’s consultation with regard to pronunciation of a number of sounds by our 11-year-old daughter who was unable to pronounce “r” and had a lisp. After a few sessions, her pronunciation improved considerably and she was even able to pronounce “r” though I thought we had been late with turning to Carina. When Carina made the necessary tests she noticed that our daughter was ahead of her peers in her development, which helped me to adjust my daughter’s further study program (she is on home schooling). Our elder daughter who was 12 had some sound production problems, too, and Karina, upon some tests, found in her a slight difficulty with expression of ideas (a mild dysphasia). Following Carina’s advice we paid attention to that matter while studying at home, and now our daughter is in high school and her language production is much more logical, her answers are much more comprehensive which is very important in such disciplines as history and science. She started to write stories and books and even dreams of becoming a writer! We recommend Carina as a high-level professional! It is very important to see such a specialist as soon as possible since different developmental delays affect the children’s self-esteem, especially during adolescence.

- Sincerely, Irina

Our child did not easily connect with adult strangers (I mean different specialists). Carina was able to reach out to him and to charm him in a couple of sessions. He is now happy to attend these sessions that are held in a warm domestic setting. He works efficiently together with Carina. A very important point is that Carina is very competent in resolving problems of bilingual children. Our child started communicating with his peers and with adults with more ease. We are very grateful to Carina for her work.

- Ian

Carina is an experienced professional, an expert in her field and a remarkable person. In spite of my daughter’s tough spirit, Carina easily won her over. Along with speech and language development drills there was much material aimed at general development which broadened the child’s outlook and enriched her vocabulary. Proprietary method, systemic approach. Very efficient. There is still much to do about my child, so we continue seeing Carina. I recommend her as an excellent specialist.

- Irina, Ottawa

I am extremely wary with regard to all specialists. Many of them simply rejoice in that name. They promise and talk too much without any sensible result except for our money, time and effort spent. I will tell you straight: we came to Carina upon a recommendation. We had heard a lot about her good results. The family of our friends who recommended her to us have already put their daughter through college. The girl was seeing Carina at 5 years of age. As for my child, he is 4. Carina’s professionalism becomes obvious right away – at the first evaluation meeting. First of all, she quickly connected with the child. Second, everything was prepared, adjusted, there was much material. She held the child’s attention during an hour which is very difficult. (Parents of young children will understand me). Third, and most important, we received a clear explanation of what speech problems we had and what we had to work on and pay attention to. Our child was happy to attend all subsequent classes. They were arranged as games with prizes. Of course, one should bear in mind that miracles are impossible and Carina is not a magician. Your child’s fluent and correct speech may only be a result of much work on the part of your speech-language pathologist as well as on your part, dear parents. Daily persistent work. Much depends on your self-discipline and perseverance. And with a speech-language pathologist like Carina who supports you, guides you, gives you good advice, and, what is most important, chooses the right method for you and explains how to proceed, you will have a 100% result.

- Sincerely, Svetlana

I would love to share my impressions of Carina’s therapy. She is a knowledgeable and skilled specialist and an experienced speech therapist who loves her job and does it with all possible responsibility and patience. The problem we came to Carina with was speech delay. At the very first meeting, friendly contact was established between my children and Carina. The children were happy and eager to attend her therapy sessions. The speech pathologist uses different games, toys, books, drawings, and does not only work to develop speech but pays attention to motor skills, attention, thinking, logic, curiosity. I appreciated that I was permitted to be present at the therapy sessions. As I took part in the sessions I watched Carina’s actions and my children’s responses. This experience was of much use for me as my observations and Carina’s advice helped me to better understand my children, their possibilities, their potential, the logic of their thinking. I learned to communicate with them better. And not only with regard to their speech performance but also to their upbringing and school education. In a year with Carina, my two children showed considerable progress in their speech performance, pronunciation and behavior (they became more industrious and responsible). In conclusion, I would like to add that if you, dear parents, expect a miracle from a speech pathologist and hope that they will resolve your problem as a wizard form a fairy tale you will be disappointed. Resolving a problem with which we seek a speech pathologist’s assistance is a lasting process that takes years and requires joint effort and cooperation of all participants – the specialist, the parents and the child. So, arm yourselves with patience and commitment to succeed! Go for it! Good luck to everybody! Special thanks to you, Carina! Sincerest appreciation and deepest gratitude!

- Irina

Carina Petrosian helped my child very much with his speech development. She arranges her sessions as a game, and the child works with pleasure. In a couple of months, we saw progress: the child started composing stories, producing complex phrases, learning poems by heart. I like that Carina develops an individual therapy plan and, as a licensed specialist, involves the daycare facility in speech development activities. She gives various weekly home assignments that help to consolidate the skills. Carina is a very committed specialist and, in fact, does not only fulfill the duties of a speech pathologist but works on the child’s general development as an educator. We shall continue seeing her as we find her therapy very useful.

- Vlada

We are lucky to know Carina and are very happy with her work and her interaction with our son. Since we started seeing Carina, our son has considerably improved his language skills and has successfully prepared himself for school. We strongly recommend Carina.

- Tamara and Alexis

Our son has been seeing Carina for nearly 3 years. She is just a brilliant specialist. Carina is not only a skilled speech pathologist, she also speaks English, French, Russian and Armenian which helps her to better communicate with people. Her sessions are always dynamic and adapted to the patient, and owing to this our son started speaking better. We are glad to have invested in this therapy and to have offered our son the support he had needed so much.

- Gabriel’s parents

Our son, Michael, just finished the speech therapy visits allocated by you. We cannot thank you enough for giving our son the opportunity to receive such high quality speech therapy sessions. Michael very much enjoyed the weekly therapy. He warmed up to you in no time and worked hard through each session. As Michael’s mom, I was grateful to be allowed to sit and observe all of his visits. Hopefully, that experience will enable me to further Michael’s progress at home. Michael continues to make slow but steady gains. Thank you again for taking the time and having the patience with helping my son to improve his communication and social skills.

- Sincerely, Julia and Cristian

Carina Petrosian helped my son overcome his speech language problems when he was 4 years old. She is a true professional who cares a great deal for her little patients. She takes time to explain the exercises to do at home and she informs parents about the progress of her work with kids. We were very fortunate to have her as our speech language pathologist and we would not want to change to any other specialist. I highly recommend Carina and her services.

- Kristina

I would highly recommend Carina's services. She is professional and a great specialist. Thanks to Carina my son made great progress. She was able to assess his difficulties and work on them during the sessions. She also answered my questions and supported me as a parent. Carina has a great approach with kids and is very much appreciated!

- Thank you, Olga and Michael

We have known Carina for almost 6 years now. During that time, she helped us to accelerate the early development of our elder sons, and we certainly plan to ask for her help when our youngest daughter grows up to required age. After the sessions with Carina our children improved their speech and motor skills, they became smarter and more disciplined. We are very grateful for her services and are very happy to give her our recommendations!

- Margarita

Our child had such speech disorders as stuttering, communication problems and mispronunciation of the sound “L”. These disorders were diagnosed by Carina and treated by her during 8 months within the framework of the Lidcombe Program. Carina is an extraordinary professional who offers adjusted and personalized care. She was attending to us all along and guided us after each speech therapy session, to enable us to continue at home what we started at the session. Our meetings were frequent, the material was versatile and amusing for the child. Thank you very much for your help and efficient and encouraging training. You had a positive influence on our life and our daughter’s!

- Yulia

We have known Carina for more than 2 years. Meetings with her are a real pleasure for us and our son. Carina is always considerate to our needs and this favors our son’s development. Openhearted and insightful, Carina offers constant support to the building of our son’s future.

- Thank you, Michel M.

My little girl has a serious speech delay. Carina has been our speech-language pathologist for 2 years. She is an excellent specialist, very friendly and supportive. Her clinic is very cosy and well equipped. Carina is very kind towards children, and my daughter is happy to see her. Owing to Carina’s excellent work, my daughter is now quite successful in a regular elementary school. We are grateful to Carina for her work and support during hard times we lived through.

- Thank you, Oksana

In December 2016, I realized that my 26-month old son was not speaking at all. For several months we were seeing a speech-language pathologist but there was no progress. He was diagnosed with a severe speech delay with suspected general speech underdevelopment. In March 2017, I happened to find contact details of Ms. Carina Petrosian. Ms. Petrosian did not hustle, she listened, explained, informed and lead us the right way. I must admit, it was difficult to communicate with my child. Ms. Petrosian provided all the necessary material: books, DVD, articles to read, links to find more information on the Web. Also, she gave us toys designed to promote speech development in young children. When first assessed by Ms. Petrosian, my son’s understanding and speaking age was only 16 months. In May 2017, I had my best Mother’s Day present: I heard my son saying the word “mommy” for the first time. In July 2017, in 5 months, my son was not only able to say a number of words but started building 3-word phrases, and his understanding and speaking age rose to 30 months. I recommend Ms. Petrosian to every parent who is concerned about their child’s speech development. She is a speech-language pathologist who is attentive to smallest details and cares for the child’s general development as well. I must add that she offers support and advice to the parents. I am so grateful to Ms. Petrosian. She made us closer to our child. We now spend more time together as a family working on his communication skills and enjoying time with him.

- M.A.

Carina is an expert in her field and a skilled professional! Before starting a therapy, she carries out a test in order to determine the exact problem and to develop a personalized approach to it. Carina uses a combined approach: she works not only with the child but also with the parents, and, if necessary, with the daycare educator as well (I am an educator, and Carina always makes time to call me in order to ask about a child and to instruct me). Carina is a very considerate, responsive and patient person. Children love her and look forward to her sessions. I am grateful to Carina for her professional advice that helps me work with children.

- Sincerely, Ilona