Carina Petrosian

Member of the Ordre des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes du Quebec (OOAQ),
Master’s degree from the St-Petersburg University and the University of Montreal.
Extensive practice in Russia, Armenia, Denmark, Belgium and Canada.

Speech disorders prevent your child from active communication, undermine their confidence, and in extreme cases lead to delays in psychoemotional development. Many speech disorders may be prevented, reversed or reduced as early as at preschool age if you consult a speech-language pathologist in time. The sooner parents seek professional advice for their child, the more efficient treatment can be, and the better the prognosis.

Pediatric speech and language therapy is the therapist’s and the parents’ collaborative effort.

The parents’ commitment to help their child, patience and perseverance, can dramatically increase the efficiency of corrective therapy.

Are you concerned about your child’s speech performance?

Is your 2- or 3-year-old unable to speak? Is your 4-year-old difficult to understand? Is your 5-year-old still mispronouncing certain sounds, replacing or skipping them entirely?

I will help you recognize the signs of speech problems so that together, we can address them early before they become serious issues.
  • Upon completion of speech therapy services, a receipt is issued to be included in medical expenses on your tax return or to be submitted to your insurance company.
  • Every therapy session involves various game techniques.
  • Registration can be completed by e-mail or by phone. Simply leave your message, including your name and phone number, and I will reply to you as soon as possible. To get an idea of prices of speech therapy services, visit the page “Links”.
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