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Speech Pathology Clinic

Carina Petrosian, Professional Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
(English, French, Russian, Armenian)
  • Evaluation

    Carina evaluates oral and written language production. She can perform a complete or partial evaluation. The number of therapy sessions depends
    on the complexity of
    your objectives.
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  • Individual

    Evaluation of oral language production takes into account the number of languages to evaluate; one language (English), two languages (English and French), etc.
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  • Group

    Group sessions are based on different methods, such as learning through rhymes
    and play, through drama
    and acting, drills etc.
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  • Parents

    Each speech and language therapy is the therapist’s and the parents’ collaborative effort. The parents’ commitment to help their child, patience and perseverance can dramatically increase the efficiency of a therapy session.
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Pediatric speech and
language therapyis the therapist’s and the parents’ collaborative effort.

Speech disorders prevent your child from active communication, undermine their confidence, and in extreme cases lead to delays in psychoemotional development.

Many speech disorders may be prevented or reduced as early as preschool age if you consult a speech-language pathologist in time. The sooner parents seek professional advice for their child, the more efficient treatment can be, and the better the prognosis.

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  • Carina Petrosian is a very competent specialist, a great professional and an expert in her art. Since the very first meeting with our son she has established an excellent contact with him!

    Sincerely, Katerina
  • She was very considerate to our son’s needs and adjusted every session in order to keep him interested as long as possible.

    Eric’s parents
  • An experienced professional in the field of pediatric speech therapy, Carina has a way with children. My daughter likes seeing Carina very much because her sessions are based on games, are cheerful and dynamic.

  • It is very important to see such a specialist as soon as possible since different developmental delays affect the children’s self-esteem, especially during adolescence.

  • Carina is an experienced professional, an expert in her field and a remarkable person. Proprietary method, systemic approach. Very efficient.

    Irina, Ottawa
  • Your child’s fluent and correct speech may only be a result of much work on the part of your speech-language pathologist as well as on your part, dear parents. Daily persistent work.

  • Carina is a very committed specialist and, in fact, does not only fulfill the duties of a speech pathologist but works on the child’s general development.

  • Since we started seeing Carina, our son has considerably improved his language skills and has successfully prepared himself for school.

    Tamara and Alexis




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